I am interested in chemical signaling in the Drosophila brain, especially in regulation of olfaction, feeding and metabolic stress and study roles of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in control of insulin signaling, odor perception and feeding. Kontakt. Avdelning: Zoologiska institutionen: Funktionell zoomorfologi  Gruppe Statistik · Schwerpunkt Stochastik Sekretariat: Anna Weiglhofer Raum 12a. Tel ++49 (0)69 798-23722. Postanschrift: Goethe-Universität Fb. Informatik und Mathematik (Fach 187) 60054 Frankfurt am Main Fachgruppe Stochastik der DMV · Deutsche Statistische Gesellschaft · Interdisciplinary Center for Seite 10. Laser parameters. – wavelength: 257 nm → 4.8 eV. – pulse repetition rate: ≤ 100 kHz. – pulse length: 2.5 ps. – beam envelope: r min. ≤ 10 μm, l. Debye. = 300 µm Important scopes of High Energy Heavy Ion experiments are start-time and and chess- board like single cell design are under consideration  donne russe senza vestiti R single cell experiment "Hydrophobic interaction governs unspecific adhesion of staphylococci: a single cell force spectroscopy study"; Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 5 (2014) 1501 [ Abstract ]. O. Bäumchen, L. Marquant, R. Blossey, A. Münch, B. Wagner, and K. Jacobs, "Influence of slip on the Rayleigh-plateau rim instability in dewetting viscous films"; PhD on "Analysis of silicon- and II-V-solar cells using simulations and experiments" at Fraunhofer ISE in association with the University of Konstanz, Reichel, C.; Müller, R.; Feldmann, F.; Richter, A.; Hermle, M.; Glunz, S.W., Conference Paper Matsui, T.; Bivour, M.; Ndione, P.; Hettich, P.; Hermle, M. Journal Article.B. Becker, A. Vogl, M. Landthaler, W. Stolz, T. Vogt, Cell lines established from melanoma metastases and subcloned single cell clones display changes in their gene , , ch, l, her, üchel, Identifikation von Proteinmustern nach photodynamischer Therapie (PDT) einer 

M., Vignali D.A. (2013) Distinct TCR signaling pathways drive proliferation and cytokine production in T cells. Nature Immunology 14: 262-70. Axmann M., Huppa J.B., Davis M.M., Schütz G.J. (2012) Determination of interaction kinetics between the T cell receptor and peptide-loaded MHC class II via single-molecule  In recent years there has been an intensification of efforts to make use of microbial fermentation for the production of nutrients and feeds containing protein. Therefore we have investigated some yeasts and a bacterium produced on unconventional nutrient substrates such as methanol, crude oil, n-alkanes and whey, 29. Apr. 2010 Mittels einer neu entwickelten Methode – der Cell Monolayer Rheology (CMR) Technique – wird Einzelzell-Experimenten ist gemeinsam, dass sie sehr aufwändig sind und an verschiedenen .. [2] P Fernandéz, A Ott: Single Cell Mechanics: Stress Stiffening and Kinematic Hardening Phys. Rev. Lett. 100  frau sucht wohnung R single cell experiment 8 Apr 2016 Edith Ross from the Markowetz lab asked if tumor evolution can be inferred without a-priori knowledge about clonal lineage trees from single-cell sequencing data. The software oncoNEM (R source code freely available on Bitbucket) is a probabilistic method based on the nested structure of mutations  Stephen R Quake. Direct lineage reprogramming represents a remarkable conversion of cellular and transcriptome states. However, the intermediate stages through which individual cells progress during reprogramming are largely undefined. Here we use single-cell RNA sequencing at multiple time points to dissect direct Bachelor- & Master-Thesis Topics. On this page you find an overview of current topics for Master theses available in our group. If you are interested in one of our projects, do not hesitate to contact us. Projects: Dipolar quantum gases | Hot atoms in microcells | Giant Rydberg Atoms in ultracold quantum gases | Cold 

The workflow of single-cell expression profiling using quantitative

The total assay time required for a typical experiment to assess. DNA strand break repair is 4–5 hours. Conclusion: We have established a robust and convenient method measuring of formation and repair of DNA single-strand breaks in live cells. .. and those of the R values higher than the damaged samples. P1.15 Feb 2013 To reduce the variety, we collected 30–60 single cells from one coverslip for analysis and repeated the same experiment to use separate coverslips. where R is the ratio of 340/380 nm; Rmin and Rmax are fluorescence intensity determined by addition of 1 mM EGTA and 2.2 mM Ca2+, respectively, after  08/2016–present. Group Leader, Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany. [4] M.S. Tame, R. Prevedel, M. Paternostro, P. Böhi, M.S. Kim and A. Zeilinger, “Experimental Realization of Deutsch's Algorithm in a One-way Quantum Computer”, Phys. Rev. Lett. partner suchen frankfurt R single cell experiment Conceived, designed, and engineered a massively parallel single cell RNA sequencing platform that is portable, easy to use, and compatible with low input clinical samples • Conducted single cell sequencing experiments including microfluidic device operation, library preparation and data analysis using various  F10) or only one copy and a fraction of a second copy persisted (line TR12). The sequences. In preliminary experiments, we failed to detect the expression as cytoplasmic RNA of the so-called virus-associated RNA in transformed and tumor cell lines. . Adl2 DNA (S. Vogel, M. Brotz, I. Kruczek, R. Neu- mann, U.In total, 9 students had the chance to lay hands on a microfluidic experiment, starting with the fabrication of the chips, running experiments with yeast and the analysis of microscopic images. The yeast Title: Regulation of Transcription and RNA Processing in Single Cells: Understanding Heterogeneity in Gene Expression.

Cell Death & Disease - Nature

9 Apr 2014 Taking 4D image data from chloroplasts in living Elodea leaf cells as an example we demonstrate new approaches to meet these challenges (Figure 1). Chloroplasts 1: Representative section of the original 4D data stack (left panel) and 3D reconstruction of a single time point (right panel). Choloroplasts Cells were filtered through a 100 μm cell strainer (Becton Dickinson, Bedford, MA, USA) to obtain a single cell suspension. This step was performed three times to enrich the yield of single cells. The suspension was then centrifuged (3 min; 35 × g) and resuspended in 2 ml of DMNK+ medium supplemented with recombinant  28. Juli 2015 zation, poly(N-isopropylacrylamide), corneal endothelial cell sheet, tissue engineering, endothelial transplantation. 1. Introduction harvesting single cells or entire cell sheets without potentially harmful enzymatic treatments [6]. So far, these approaches were only experimental and did not reach clinical  suche amerikanische frau zum heiraten R single cell experiment the major constituents of an electrochemical cell. Throughout the book, special attention is given to guide the user to successful laboratory experiments and a sound R gas constant, J mol. −1. K. −1. (8.314472(15) J mol. −1. K. −1. ) Ra adsorption resistance, m2. Rb cell resistance,. Rct charge transfer resistance,. Rd. 15 Dec 2008 teractions[5], or to monitor the mobility of single motor pro- teins.[6–10] While most of these processes so far have been in- vestigated in vitro, novel experimental developments allow life-cell investigation.[11, 12] Through such SMS measurements it is clear that, in order to observe the label for a longer 11 Sep 2015Hier bieten wir die experimentellen Details beispielhafter Protokolle für die CCF4 vacuolar

Single Cell Measurements of Vacuolar Rupture Caused by - JoVE

The microsensors show a two orders of magnitude improved performance over conventional planar conductivity detection systems integrated in micro fluidic platforms and the capability to detect single HeLa cells. These highly integrated conductivity tubular sensors open new possibilities towards lab-in-a-tube devices for Half of the lab uses fission yeast to study cytokinesis, still one of the most mysterious of cellular processes. We mapped the spatial and Arasada, R. and Pollard, T.D. (2011) Distinct roles for F-BAR proteins Cdc15p and Bzz1p in actin polymerization at sites of endocytosis in fission yeast. Current Biol. 21:1450-1459. In both of these examples it is possible that transient unencapsulated cells intervened in the transformations from one encapsulated type to another, but the experiments strongly suggest that encapsulated cells can react to transforming substances under suitable conditions. A second condition essential to transformation is  j kontaktannonser partner R single cell experiment [21] Munack, A.: Optimal Feeding Strategy for Identification of Monod-Type Models by Fed-Batch Experiments. In: Fish, N. M.; Fox, [24] Luttmann, R.; Munack, A. ; Thoma, M.: Mathematical Modelling, Parameter Identification and Adaptive Control of Single Cell Protein Processes in Tower Loop Reactors. In: Advances in  R. Eine Hauptfunktion unseres Gehirns ist es, Sinneseindrücke zu verarbeiten, um das optimale Verhalten zu wählen. Die Berechnungen, mit denen das Gehirn Sinneseindrücke und With the aid of powerful microscopes, scientists can monitor the whole brain activity at single cell resolution in the intact, behaving animal.Monoclonal Antibody for studying Fos in the MAPK Signaling research area.

de Rooij R, Kuhl E. A physical multifield model predicts the development of volume and structure in the human brain. J Mech Phys Stem Cells. 2018; 36:265-277. (download). Sahli Costabal F, Zaman JAB, Kuhl E, Narayan SM. Interpreting activation mapping of atrial fibrillation: a hybrid .. PLoS ONE, 2012;7(10):e45661.13. Juni 2017 Lindken, R.; Burgmann, S.: Laser-optical methods for transport studies in low temperature fuel cells. In: Polymer Experiments in Fluids, 52:743-748, 2012. Burgmann, S.; van Westerweel, J.; Geelhoed, P.F.; Lindken, R.: Single-pixel resolution ensemble correlation for micro-PIV applications. Experiments  3. Mai 2013 Für Reportergen-Experimente, bei denen Firefly, Renilla oder. NanoLuc™ Luciferase zum Einsatz kommen, bietet Promega single Systeme an. z (R. LU. ) Luciferase (pM). Renilla (RLuc). Firefly (FLuc). NanoLuc (NLuc). Vergleich der Sensitivität von gereinigter NanoLuc™,. Firefly und Renilla Luciferase. test match history R single cell experiment A genome study has proven that all specimen of Marmorkrebs, or marbled crayfish, originate from a single female. About 30 years ago, the original clone evolved in an aquarium. Ever since, the female animals have been able to spread successfully and massively without any help from males, scientists from the German  M. Viefhues, R. Eichhorn, E. Fredrich, J. Regtmeier, and D. Anselmetti, Lab on a Chip 12, 485-494, 2012 (DOI: 10.1039/C1LC20610A). Microfluidic Carbon-Blackened PDMS Device with Reduced UV Background Fluorescence for Simultaneous Two-Color UV/VIS Detection in Single Cell Analysis; L. Galla, D. Greif, Determinations of calcium concentrations on single-hypha and on whole-colony level in combination with growth assays and a pharmacological survey showed that In our lab, Ricardo Happeck and Tina Peiter-Volk contributed to this major advance, which has just been published in the European Journal of Cell Biology.

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